Quotable Block

Block on Writing

“You can’t become a better writer overnight–even if you work the overnight. There are no shortcuts, no gimmicks, no quick fixes, no simple steps, no easy answers, no cut-rate, can’t-miss techniques, no one-fits-all solutions.”

“If there ever could be one single answer on how to become a better newswriter, it would be: write, write, write, work, work, work. Work works.”

“Learn from anyone who knows more than you. The best writers know how much
more they have to learn.”

“The more you know about writing, the harder it is to write. The less you know, the easier it is.”

“To become a writer of any consequence, you need broad experience, competence in English, a good vocabulary and something to say.”

“If you ever consider yourself a finished product, you’re finished.”

Block on Life

“Better an hour early than a minute late.”

“Be ready for anything. Murphy’s Law says, ‘Whatever can go wrong, will.’
But Mervy’s Law says, ‘Whatever can’t go wrong, will.'”



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